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All the hard to find breeds for Creatures 3 and Docking Station in one place

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Aqua Norns

Aqua NornsĀ are amphibious, but breathe better underwater. They come with a special agent that enables them to swim.

Pink Poodle Ettins

Tomtschek and Alien’s Pink Poodle Ettins.

Pyrite Grendels

Named after the mineral pyrite or “fool’s gold” these grendels are orange, yellow and green hued. Download the Pyrite Grendels.

Dusky Grendels

The peaceful and dark skinned Dusky Grendels can now be downloaded.

Sea Ettins

A compilation of all of the original Sea Ettin files. No egg agent.

Curiosa Norns

The strange and unique Curiosa Norns are here for download.

Blood Grendels

Torrent Silverpelt’s Blood Grendels.

Bulbous Grendels

The Bulbous Grendels AKA C2 in C3 Grendels. Complete with fixes. (Fixes made by Norngirl.)